@ryeong9: She was a pretty hoobae who always greeted brightly.. My heart is in pain, please pray for EunB. Rest in peace. It must be tough for the members beside her. Everyone please give them a lot of consolation. /It’s also hard work on the managers who have to settle the many schedules. Please drive safely. (cr)

1992 ♡ 2014
Go Eun Bi


brocks fuckiing eyes ARE YIU SERIYOUS

it’s scary how much people who don’t like kpop don’t even realise how shaken like the entire kpop community is right now. literally thousands of people around the world are distraught over the loss of someone and literally thousands of others have no idea


To hear that a K-pop idol died scares the shit out of me. It is just another reminder that idol’s are human and death is a possibility at any time. Cherish the moments with your idols while they are still here. Don’t cause fanwars or bash idols for no reasons because one day those idols will be gone. Enjoy the music and give them as much love as you can because you never know when it’s too late.

R.I.P EunB


My heart goes out to EunB’s family, the drivers family, the LC members and all the fans. Let’s pray for the members that are hospitalized and let’s pray for everyone to be strong. #RestInPeaceEunbi

...Hoseok and Jin getting scared



You haven’t seen happiness until you’ve seen 7 rats in a box of (pet safe) packing peanuts

D’aaaawwww…  I can’t hit that fav button hard enough.  So much ratty glee!!

holyshit i think it’s legit??? RIP eunB what the hell :( :( :(

Rest in Peace Go Eunbi



For those that don’t know, Ladies’ Code Go Eunbi/”EunB”, has passed away from a major car accident today.

no but im gonna next time

it keeps happening


blink 182 is so weird cause one second you’re listening to a song about blow jobs and then all of the sudden adams song comes on and you’re on the floor crying

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